a 28-year-old female from Winnipeg, Canada

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"To love is to live, and to live is to love." "Take me for as I am and what I will become"

Writing is one of my many interests.
I have many different ones, but I find that writing short, but meaningful stories is what cleans, and somewhat calms my soul and mind.
To some my stories may not make any sense, and to some maybe it does.
Some, may relate to my words, and some, may feel like it doesn't happen in real life, or that it will never happen to them.
All in all my words are my own, and it is a way for me to branch out, in a world where I know I can be me without fear or worry about what people may think.
Because in my stories, the world belongs to me.

My mind is open, and accepting.
Any words of advice will be gladly taken.
Someone once told me "To be able to accept criticism, is showing that you are strong, and willing to do anything to improve!"
This partially describes me, I'm willing to do anything so that I can improve my writing capabilities.
Give me feedback.

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