a girl from Land of solitude and beauty, United States

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"Keep calm, carry on, and eat cake!" ~?????


Hey all! I love to write! Surprise! Surprise! I hope I write well (not to be prideful, but my writings nto all that bad)!  If it's not, that is a-o-k!                                      


         Writing, that word is like a peaceful breeze on a hot day, or a long sigh after doing a long day's worth of work. Writing isn't just geting a notebook and scribbling down words that sound good together, or thoughtlessly throwing words into a story. Writing can be done by anyone, all it takes is a little imagination........


        Sometimes leting imagination take over is the best thing that can happen. Writing is one way to tame the imagination, and let's the mind take control of everything.

                                Fact's About Me

  1. I'm so in LOVE with ballet I find myself doing positions while I'm standing/stretching, and dancing around my living room.

2. I'm addicted to writing, drawing, EVERYTHING abotu the eighteenth century (ecspically Marie Antoinette) talking, and dancing.

3. Has three favorite movies; Ballet Shoes, The Devil Wears Prada, and Marie Antoinette. I also like Jane Eyre and ALL of the classics! 

4. I love so many book's I can't possibly mention ALL of them!

5. Would die without imagination!

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