a 23-year-old lady from Wonderland

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"why is a ravern like a writing desk" mad hatter

Hey erm i think I should something intresting about myself erm I like books and poetry ? meh  oohhh I tried there's not so much to put write about ^_^

I love fantasy because its fuel for the imagination I love creatures of the night like vampire warewolves ect as its something that would never happened but always is a thrill.

I love creating my own Storiess because I have a good imagination so I can visualise what is happening and makes me smile, although it creeps my friend out when I sit then and grin when I think about a book I read.

I enjoy writing with others as its a thrill to figure out What they will write or I will write. I am very open minded to moth ideas 

the best book I read was Alice in wonderland

the best bit is :

twinkle twinkle little bat
how I wonder what our at
up aboe the worl so high
like a tea tray in the sky

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