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"Don't Fix my smile, life in long enough, we will put this flesh into the ground agian."-freelance whales

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10 quirky things about me

1.) I relate to gay men better than straight girls.

2.) I liked indie music before it was cool, and continue to like it even though it is cool becouse it would be stupid to not like something just becouse its cool.

3.) I am a music Nazi. I apologize.

4.) I have two of the best friends in the world. We relate ourselves to harry, ron and hermionie far to much.  

5.) I crush on guys from books more than in real life

6.) my name is stupid. pronounce it however you want. Even my father says its stupid.

7.) I am at crew 10hrs a week off season and 20hrs in season. It's a love/hate relationship

8.) I bounce between overally mature, to overally immature

9.) I love the taste of alcohol but hate getting drunk

10.) I think my family is cool.

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