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"No one's gonna be there to give you a map to life, so you have to go out there & make your own." │ -Toshiro Hitsugaya

Dear Protaggers,
           I apologize sincerely for not being online enough. Hopefully, that will change once things become a little less hectic around here.


I am a strong believer/follower of Jesus Christ. Nothing will ever change that. I also happen to be somewhat of a fanatic of The Fault in Our Stars. If you have a problem with either or both of those two things, then you have my condolences. But you can't always have what you want or make people the way you want them to be, as the world is not your wish-granting factory.♥

At the bottom of this bio, I have created a list of recommended authors. If you aren't on the list, please don't be offended. You're more than likely a part of the 'many more'. The list is just for authors that, in my opinion, have risen above in the expectations of Protagonize. But the list directly below this paragraph is for the authors that have not only risen above, but have flown high over what anyone expected them to be. In other words, the following people are some of my favorite authors of all time.

Sycamore. She is phenomenal. Not only do we have much in common, but I understand how she feels with a lot of things. We've been in a few different collabs together and her writing is absolutely amazing. After that, there isn't much more I can say to describe how awesome she is. As of now, Qurat is my favorite author.

Emmaroze. She was there with me through some of the hardest times of my life. I could never thank her enough for that. She was right beside me through bullies, depression, middle school drama, heartbreakers, and my mother's death. We've gone through hell together, and I'll always cherish our friendship. She's never dared to write a single page in a story, but she's a great poet. Keep it up!

DethnusAckearose. He is one of the most outstanding male authors I've ever read from, right up there with James Patterson and Charles Dickens. I don't think I've ever talked to him about such impactful things as life and death or religion, but it'd be interesting to hear his point of view. I can't even tell you how many collabs we've been in together. Each story with him is a unique journey that leaves you feeling sad when it ends. Dylon, I have no doubt that you're gonna go far.

JFreak. Last, but she'll never be least. Not only is she the one who brought me to this site 3 days after Mom died, but she is the best cousin and sibling that anyone could ever ask for. And that's no joke. Time and time again, I let her down, but she never gives up on me. You wouldn't believe the things we've been through in just the short year since I've been here. Any error that she makes, in life or in her works, is minescule. She's so much smarter than she thinks she is. There are so many things I wish I could say to her, but just don't have the words for it. Moneymaker, you are just that: Indescribable. That's how wonderful you are. I love you! (P.S.- Thanks for helping me with my dino-arm problem. Couldn't survive without you in such a time as this! Or any time, for that matter.)

 Recommended Authors:        DismalDread      MattForgenti      

cassandramorrow      Ratthias       riptearton       Nosirrah      Nerathul

      frosty_the_lindo      Hirru.Ruikuni      CassieK      Perplexingartist


And so many more!

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