a 28-year-old lady from the Middle of Nowhere, United States

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I'm a 25 1/2 (yes, the 1/2 is still important) year old writer/photographer/wannabe ballerina working for a dive company because that makes sense.
Writing is in my blood and something I've always enjoyed, but only recently started dabbling in more than just poetry and compulsive journaling.

I consider myself an oxymoron, in the fact that I tend to not be what people expect. But that's okay. I still have friends, so I guess that's something, right? (This is where you just agree, okay? Humor me, here.)

I love Jesus Christ, elephants, kittens, puppies, the color yellow, and fajitas.
I feel like writing is the equivalent of oxygen, and that everyone has a voice and a story worth hearing. I also am a freelance photographer and a very amature ballerina.

I know great joy because I have experienced great pain. Don't waste a second to doubt. You were born for this.

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