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"Nothing bad happens unless something good is planned to happen sometime after." -by my Grandmother

Well, to start my name is Eden. So I'm not much of a "professional", but I do know how to write. I love Science Fiction, horror, mystery, adventure, anime, anything really  as long as I can actually read it.

I have had a lot of hard times lately and it all pours into my writing, so you might come along those tear jerking moments throughout my stories, but just know, I'm only 14 and the hard times I am going through right now are something you couldn't imagine. 

I mostly write Science Fiction (Star Wars Fan Fiction) and am starting a big thing with Anime stories!   But all my unused talent is all in my stories, so you'll ever be bored!!

I can't wait to see how popular my stories become with everyone, and I hope I'm not criticized like i am in school for what i write. that's the last thing i want to happen. so please try and go easy on me, give me advice, but not in a harsh way. 

TTFN (Ta-ta for now!)

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