a 21-year-old from the land of the sidhe

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"Personally, I think knees should be kept for the eighth or ninth date, or the wedding day. As a nice surprise, you know? 'Oh, my darling, you have knees! I never would have thought!'"

Formerly "delorfinde", if there's anyone left on the site who might remember me from those days. Known as Del, Finn, or Miriam.

I'm Miriam Joy, a self-published poet as well as the co-author of St Mallory's Forever with Charley Robson and Saffina Desforges. Aside from that I mostly write mythology-inspired urban fantasy and adventure novels about modern-day knights. I'm from London, England, but I'm currently studying at the University of Cambridge -- my degree is in 'Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic'. 

I'm fascinated by gender issues, mythology, dead languages, medieval history... all that stuff. I'm also a vlogger, dancer, folk musician and Hamlet fangirl.

I was interviewed by Jonty in 2010 and again in 2015 -- those interviews might help you know a bit more about me and my writing. Or they might not.

Most of the stuff I have here on Protagonize is old and embarrassing. I've left it up there because (a) half of it's bloody hilarious and (b) the other half is the cringe-worthy evidence that everybody has to start somewhere and one day it might provide comfort to a newbie writer. Maybe.

On unfinished works: I occasionally receive comments asking me to continue unfinished works. As a general rule of thumb, if I wrote them more than two years ago (basically, anything with the exception of those listed here under Recent Works), I'm not going to finish them. A lot of the stuff on this site was written when I was fourteen and I'm now a fundamentally different person and a fundamentally different writer, so I don't think I'd be physically capable of carrying on with any of them if I wanted to.

Recent works

But as hilariously awful as 13-year-old Miriam's writing might be, I suspect some of your are a lot more interested in my more recent work.

Alone With The Owl is a short SF story that started as a response to a flash fiction prompt on Chuck Wendig's blog, although it has expanded slightly. The protagonist is a one-legged nonbinary teenage smuggler and I'd pitch the story as Skulduggery Pleasant meets Firefly. It's not yet finished, but hopefully will be soon.

Bits And Pieces (2015) is a collection of some of my more recent poetry, most of it written in 2015. It's not everything I've written, but it's probably fairly representative of my current subject matter. :)

Oberon Is Here is a piece of flash fiction I wrote, again from a prompt on Chuck Wendig's blog. It's complete at 1000 words and I had great fun writing it, although it's probably a little unpolished.

I'm also a traitor to Protagonize and now post my work on Wattpad. My current ongoing project is called Bard, an Arthurian-inspired story set in space. It's challenging to write in terms of representation (trans protagonist, almost entirely non-white cast), but I'm doing my best, and hopefully it'll be worth it in the end!


If the above pieces pique your interest in the other things I've written, you might want to check out my publications, which are mostly poetry.

St Mallory's Forever! is a modern take on the boarding school mystery genre, co-written with Saffina Desforges and Charley Robson, better known on here as SpookOfNight.

Crossroads Poetry is my first poetry collection, full of dark, creepy poems because I'm a dark, creepy person.

Fleeting Ink is my second, and contains slightly less creepy poems about writing and words.

Broken Body Fragile Heart is my third and longest collection, and the only one available in paperback. These poems are intensely autobiographical and deal with faith, identity, disability / illness, and other fun things like that.

If you're still here, you must be pretty interested in me. You can find me @miriamjoywrites or on Facebook as Miriam Joy (Author).

But why did you leave Protagonize?

I wouldn't say I left exactly. But I did sort of. Truth is, none of my friends are really on here anymore, or if they are they're not particularly active. All the people I used to write with have moved on to other things, whether they're working for publication or not writing anymore. That took a lot of the fun out of it. The community here isn't half as active as it used to be even when I try to engage with people I didn't know when I was active here in 2009-2011, and when I post writing online, it's because I'm hoping there are people there to read it!

For a long time I stopped posting anything online because I didn't want to compromise future attempts at publication. I joined Wattpad very recently (late 2015), and have been primarily been using it for short stories, with the exception of Bard. The interface there is (mostly) more readable, although Protag has a handful of advantages. But also, there are people there, both friends of mine and strangers. So... that's why I'm not around.

Protagonize was amazingly helpful in getting me started as a writer, and I met some great people, including my best friend Charley. I will never not be grateful for what it did for me. But for the most part, I've now moved on.

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