a girl from Bangalore, India

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"Life is not just about achievement. It's about learning and growth and developing new quailities like compassion, patience, perseverance, love and joy!!!" "I've always believed that you should never, ever give up and you should always keep fighting even when there's only a slightest chance" "For every day prepare; And meet them ever alike. If you are the anvil, bear; If you are the hammer, strike."

I am a very simple person with rather BIG dreams!!!!!!

I love reading... Shakespeare, Austen, Bronte sisters, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, O Henry, Saki, M&B's, J Archer, S Sheldon,Paulo Cohelo, Ben Okri, Amy Tan, Salman Rushidie...the list is endless.

I love writing... Written quite a few articles for school n college magazines. Height of happinesss was when an article appeared on The New Indian Express. Finished a novel i was working on! Now started the next.....

I love Formula 1.. Ferrari Rules!!! Michael Schumacher is the undisputed KING of F1!!!!

I like to cook.... My favourite cusine is Italian and Masala Puri to which i got addicted after coming to Mysore!!!

Music... I prefer Bryan Adams, BSB (Nick Carter esp!), Blue, INXS (JD rocks!!!), Ceilene Dion, Shania Twain ("From this Moment"...a beautiful song!), ABBA, Savage Garden , MLTR.....etc.

I like the good things in life... good food, good music, and above all... good friends!

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