a 24-year-old girl from Leigh, Lancashire, United Kingdom

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Hi, my name is Melissa but my friends call me Min =) the nickname just stuck...anyway, I'm seventeen years old and am currently at college. I love to write poetry and stories, though I doubt they're any good it's what I enjoy doing. I would really love to get one of my poems/stories published someday, if not more, but writting will remain my hobby. If that hobby turns out to be my career then great! But I hope that 'if' that were to happen, then that career would not become tedius and no longer enjoyable.

I'm a bit of a tom-boy as my other hobbies consist of climbing, skateboarding, playing guitar and piano (though it's a work in progress), and I try to be a decent artist...fail. =) And I'm a very animal loving person and veggetarian <3

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