a 33-year-old gentleman from Pennsylvania, United States

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Hello, I'm Mike. I am a full-time software developer aspiring to be a full-time author and creator. My wife, Shell Presto, is my co-author and illustrator. We have created the Ascension Epoch, an open source shared universe for our fiction, and we enjoy collaborating with others.

So far, I have published five books, all set in the Ascension Epoch: Salamander Six, a short story about airborne firefighters; After Dark, a YA/Urban Fantasy episodic novel centering around a group of teenage superheroes; Copper Knights and Granite Men, a superhero/horror mash-up inspired by classic 1960s Fantastic Four and The King in Yellow; Population of Loss, an anthology of four short stories set during the Martian invasion of H.G. Wells' War of the Worlds; and House of Refuge, an award-winning adventure/military SF short story about a maritime rescue service caught in the middle of a war at sea.

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