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"believe in everything because you just never know"

I want to write collaboratively. I come up with heap loads of ideas and I need some dedicated people to help sort them out and build off the worlds i'm creating. If your interested in working with me please let me know. I'm not a star at the details and polishing but I can hammer out a framework quickly and with lots of depth.

I do a ton of annotations and notes through Diigo (Yes, I annotate my pages here WITH Diigo. If you haven't checked it out, do it now. You will thank me). If you are interested in working with me or processing brainstorms with me; Get a Diigo account and check out:

World of Daes: Lords of Trivault Collection (Short Series) (http://bit.ly/1bU7w3p)
World of Daes: Clamorstone Accounts (Short Series) (http://bit.ly/1bU8Y5Y)

Coming soonish...
World of Daes: Forgotten Legacies (Novel Series)
World of Daes: The Legendary Raiment (Short Series)
World of Daes: The Magic Wells (Short Series)
Victorias Pond (Novel Trilogy)
Sam Donn Chronicles (Novel Series)

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