Awesome tactical addition! This laser works great, the dial in is definitely a plus! It is well made and easy to add to the existing frame. Exactly as described from seller. I have had no problems with it and would recommend this to anyone.


I am impressed with this high powered laser . It installed easy and quickly to sight in. I really like the remote that can be attached to turn the scope on. This will do what I am wanting. I have used it a few times and it makes it accurate and enjoyable to shoot. The green laser is easy to see and you can see it at a good distance. I think it being green is easier then the red lasers. I have had others that are way more expensive that have not worked this well. This is something I would order again to put on other things. Very pleased with product.

I have to say for the different laser pointers I have gotten this is by far my favorite. It has a nice and strong green dot light that works over a pretty far range. I really like the fact that this high powered laser has a replaceable end that will allow it to either alway be on or off or by putting the cable end on, gives you the power to control if the light is on or off. This will definitely help with sighting in the new rifles for the hunting season. It's a good design, solidly built, and it's easy to adjust the alignment. It comes with two different types of mounts which is great for me since I'm attaching it to my new scope. Also include was the batteries which it just icing on the cake. You can't go wrong with this. Plus if you have cats it's even better.


Great product. Fits my AR pistol perfectly and the accessories are awesome. The 200mw Laser Pointer is extremely bright and unlike others that I've owned, the laser doesn't break apart, for lack of a technical term. The dot is crisp and doesn't throw a lot of blurry dots around it. Very easy to dial in. I haven't gotten a chance to shoot with it yet, but from the sturdy construction I don't foresee any issues at all. I also really like the extended momentary switch accessory. Haven't decided exactly where I'm going to mount it yet, but looking forward to its use. The fit and finish also match my gun very well. Overall I'm very happy with this purchase and would recommend it to anyone.

Very nice laser for my rifle. I mounted it on my scope, and it sights in very easily with the mounted turrets. It is meant to be mounted on the right side, since the markings for elevation and windage adjustments are relevant to that orientation. I mounted this 200mw laser pointer on the right side to avoid cases from being ejected into it, and it works fine that way too. The pressure switch isn't great, but it doesn't bother me since I use the end cap anyway. Pushing it out is tough, because of the tight fitting O ring, but it will prevent moisture from getting in. The tight, focused beam is easily visible and helps a lot for low light shooting.

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