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"If you choose not to decide you still have made a choice." - Neil Peart

I could do a long pretentious rant about how much words mean to me, but in truth I think in pictures, so I'll save you the oozing narrative. So, just a little bit about myself:

I am primarily an artist, but I have nearly an equal passion for writing. I'm an extremely visual person, and I enjoy putting the images and stories in my mind in written. 

I love arguing, if I'm going to be honest. Whether it be arguing with myself over which word to use, which line to draw, which paints to mix to get the perfect shade of brown, or whether it be me arguing with other people over semantics or philosophy or history etc. etc. I always throughly enjoy myself. I strongly believe that debate is the strongest way to learn, even if it's just the way that I learn. That's why I would say with near perfect honesty that most of my writing is a discussion and argument with myself and the world around me, so that I may solve problems that I find within my mind and my environment. 

I have a very large range of hobbies and interests, including art, reading/writing, jazz, history, marine biology, environmental science, video games, cards, American folklore, science fiction, politics, journalism, and watching way too many TV shows. My favorite band is Rush, my favorite movie is Bladerunner, my favorite book is Dune, my favorite artist is Gustav Klimt, my favorite food is shepherds pie (screw whoever said English food is bland), my favorite poet is Charles Bukowski, and my favorite animal is torn between a sheep, a mola mola, or a snow leopard. 

Also, not that it's extremely relevant, but I love birds. 

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