a 29-year-old chiquita from the end of the metro line, France

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"The only things you regret in life are the things you don't do."

Indecisive, haphazardly lofty, dreaming - don't mean to seem rude but I must come off that way when I try to eek myself out of unfamiliar situations and conversations.

I'm easily distracted and writing even a "short" story feels like a big commitment.  I get too distracted to paint a painting or deal with the detail of hatching and shading.  I want to say everything all at once. Then get frustrated saying actually very little.

I deeply love the romantic, the tranquil, and the ridiculous feelings that visit from time to time.  Those that sigh from the steam of my coffee cup.

I'm currently living in Paris with cute Dutch boy and already lamenting December, when we're set to leave. 






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