a 24-year-old hobo from cleveland.

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"Blessed is the heart with the courage to stop its beating for honors sake."

well i didn't actually know there was a website like this.O.o

hello all ^.^ I'm Mel. i live in the unpredictable city of Cleveland and i write in the genre of urban fantasy.

I've been writing for about ...two years semi professionally but writing stories since i could use my parents type writer.:3

fun fact: I have terrible spelling. (oh the irony)

my visual inspirations come from my tumblr.( ) yeah, go ahead and make a hipster joke -.-

I'm the lead singer of this silly little band. As soon as my drummer (and my brother) go off to the marines, we will be no more :(

things i like: WINTER, guys with long hair, music i can dance to, basketball, bands, small venues, old churches, my ceramics class, technical theater, stage crew, stage management, meeting new people, Applebee's, my best friend Mandy, finding things i thought i had lost forever :)



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