a 22-year-old chick from the United States

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"In my dreams your touching my face, and asking me if I want to try again with you...and I almost do"

i'm a song writer                     
i love taking pictures
i freak out if something gets ruined                                  
i hate how beautiful things are broken
i don't like how nothing stays the same
i hate how people leave you
i hate being lonely
i like all kinds of music
except jazz
I believe in P.L.U.R

I love music, it's my passion. I am not a judgmental person I am very sarcastic and funny I am a challenge I love texting I am in high school, I am a senior I just like to have fun I am a concert junkie I've been going to concerts since I was in 6th grade!!! I like going to the movies, alone sometimes, just to watch a movie and not care if I cry. I like black and white movies. I listen to music 24/7. When I go to bed, when i shower, when i get dressed, when i eat, when I am in school, when I go home, when I go to bed. Music is on my blood. I feel the baseline black light in my veins. I am originally from Denver. I am a Leo, so I am a little bit dramatic:/ ohh well we all have our flaws. I want to go to Iceland one day. I am an honest person. I am very talkative person, in school I can get along with anyone, but I do have some sass:/ I am a lot to handle, but I am very friendly. I want to become an actress someday. I am going to be going to college next year. I am going to be a writer.

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