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I love this site!

Musicians work togethor all the time to produce music. Why is it not done more in writing? Are authors too proud to join with others? Are they scared of losing control of the tightly knit world in their heads? Perhaps it's not traditional. I've been trying for ages to find someone who'll write a collaborative story with me, and now I've found this site. Heaven basically.

My favourite author at the moment is Kate Atkinson. I really love some of her brilliant main characters: Ruby Lennox and Reggie Chase are the only two whose names I can remmeber but there are others. "'It's never too late' she said sympathetically, but unfortunately as she knew, it often is too late."

Hopefully if I get the grades in June I'll be going to study English Literature with Creative Writing at East Anglia University.

I hope I can make a good contribution to this site!

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