a 35-year-old guy from two hours off center, United States

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"I've got a bad feeling about this!"

I live about two hours from the geographic center of the United States.

I've been writing as a hobby since I was in the 4th grade. That year I wrote my version of "The Littles." I still have it somewhere.

I look forward to exchanging ideas with all of you. Well, not ALL of you. That was a hyperbole.

Here's what my ratings are based upon: Rating Serious Pieces.

The Greatest Protag Collab ever: Masquerade! I play the parts of Jon Hanway, James Newberry, Angel Hurst, and recently picked up the part of Lewis Evans. Liberation, the sequel, has begun.

Other collabs you should check out:

The Demographic Conspiracy - Dottylotti has joined me in writing a different kind of collab. We are writing the chapters at the same time ... together. Even though a chapter may be posted by one of us, the other person had as much hand in the chapter as the poster.

Elixir - I write for the alchemist Quin Conroy.

I have two solos on Protag:

The Legend of the Crystal. An older story of mine that Moonwalker helped me revive. It was featured on August 18, 2011. Check it out.

The Two Year Rift - I wrote this story in middle school. It is an earlier version of The Legend of the Crystal. WAY different, though. Think of it as some of the same characters under similar but different circumstances.

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