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"It’s just what it is to be a writer — toiling away in obscurity most of the time."

Current Works:

  1. DreamscapeThey say that dreams are visions in the brain of past experiences and vibrant memories ... but what if they were the doorways to another world entirely?

    Welcome to Ender - a world clenched in fear and oppression by Nightmares, cars are nearly a myth, the color blue doesn't exist, and the strangers who constantly appear from a realm known only as the "Otherworld" are just fantasy - or so they say. But when young Ashe Brandser finds herself unwittingly trapped within, she must join forces with one of the very beings the world so greatly fears - a Nightmare, but one who is a wanted traitor to his kind.

    Now they, along with a colorful cast of characters met on the way, must work together as they journey to the fabled Edge of the World, for legend speaks of a supposed gateway that lies just beyond its rim - an entry to the Otherworld, and Ashe's home. But when plans go awry, Ashe is thrust into a chain of events unlike anything the Dreamscape has ever known.

  2. Spirit of the Mountain: The Forces of Destruction (Book 1)"It is so real this mountain, yet so unreal, that one may never altogether know it, for there is a indescribable ghostliness about it, that suggests a living double personality..." - The Saga of a Mountain, Tacoma Eastern Railroad pamphlet, 1911

    The mighty mountains and volcanoes of the world, inspiring in their beauty, majestic in their form, are each a living entity, possessing an essence, or spirit, that can assume any form - even that of a man.

    When park ranger and volcanologist Evie Hayes investigates reports of ominous tremors within Mt. Rainier National Park, she is met with the very spirit of the mountain itself. As the two work together to uncover the source of the quakes - the reawakening of an ancient volcano hidden amongst the Cascades - the entire region braces for disaster, and Rainier finds himself challenged to a deadly duel for power and supremacy.

  3. Microsia - "You've not heard the tragic tale of the Domicyte, have you white-blood? He's out there somewhere, though we do not see him - yet. But when the Great Enemy shows itself, so will he, and it will be a dark, terrible day of glory, reckoning, and sacrifice."

    Blood cell Kira lives in an amazing, wondrous world that is under the constant protection of the White Guard. But when a new and deadly threat invades - an immunodeficiency virus named Vastosis - their once peaceful world is suddenly thrown into chaotic strife. The fate of all lies on the shoulders of the Domicyte, a savior of myth and legend, as the White Guard races to stop their greatest enemy.

  4. The After - "Where have you been all this time?"

    The year is 2016. Twenty years after a war unlike any other. And something is very, very wrong.

    Robert Noles was never one for urban legends and conspiracies. All that changed, however, on the night he received a flash drive from a stranger fleeing for his life. The contents of the flash drive are bizarre and mind-boggling: blurry scans of 20-year old photos, maps, and sparse documents that seem to hint at a particular event in cryptic descriptions.

    As Rob and his friends are drawn further along into the rabbit hole, one thing soon becomes vividly clear - amidst the utter scarcity of past records, the numerous, cavernous sinkholes in the earth that have suddenly collapsed and opened, and a missing band of legendary heroes known only as "The Five" - something happened two decades ago. Something vile and evil, and wrought in darkness. And someone is trying to bring it back.

  5. The Shadowbound Chronicles: the Hearts of Shattered Souls (I)

    Exactly 2,011 years ago, Kryser Endrance was afflicted with vampirism, courtesy of an angry demon. Regarded as a "pureblood" in the common tongue, he considers this neither a curse nor a blessing, but a way of life - the "hand that fate has dealt him".

    Now, after being awoken from a thousand-year slumber, Kryser finds himself the unlikely leader of a band of misfit mercenaries - an outlaw, a runaway, a time-walker, a shapeshifter, and a pair of bounty hunter twins - all of them unfortunate victims of an ancient entity calling itself Shazanihr.

    But as the newfound company struggles to find work, contracts, and gold, a terribly familiar enemy soon takes notice. The Bound must ultimately face an impossible foe - or risk being torn apart.

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