a 66-year-old man from Kearns Ut, United States

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"When a public offical or a public servant put himself above the law and unaccountable to the law they are no longer our servants but our masters.......signed....unknown"

bob mahoney  age 59 retired from the Rail Road under a medical..married for 25 yrs 7 kids grown and gone replaced with two yorkies and a 22 year old wife god bless her is the other half of me that makes me a whole person...why am I here am  faced with a problem that I cannt solve you see all I have ever done in life was repair locomotives and am faced with a story that has driven me to a point that at times that scares me....true story it involves a coverup in a Salt lake County scandle, $1,155,000.00, Forgies by the County which they paid a judges wife $385,000.00 to keep quite about..its about how the county accused my wife  embezzed $ from her job spread it over the front pages of two newspapers for 3 months, driving my wife to a point of thinking about suicide..but left her with post traumatic stress which was deemed the 4th worse cast our DR. has ever seen...the last time I went to talk to the New old mayor lost her job+the Salt lake county treasurer+CFO of Salt Lake County which was my wifes boss lost theirs...will the new mayor after our talk sent the police to my front door..after telling them the story the cop said he under stood why i was thinking that way and left....MY question is what would you do how far would you go to get justice in "your mind"

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