a 40-year-old chick from the United States

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I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A. and I now live in Sterling Heights, Mi. I go to Macomb Community College. I just came out from taking Creative Writing Class, and I love to write, but I also love to learn different things, like speaking Spanish and Italian. 

I do love to write Children's stories as well as love to write Romance, Fiction, non fiction, fairy tales, inspirational, short stories, and Poetry. But I mostly do Romance stories, because of it's popularity right now. I write depends on the mood. Like one day, I might write something that is happy, joyful, and sometimes spiritual(I'm a Christian). But the next day, I would write something dark, sad, or tragic. 

I'm not into all of that Horror or crime writing, even though I like to watch "Murder She Wrote". Horror writing is not my thing. In other words, I'm not Stephen King, and I'm not trying to be like him. And I am not into the whole Mystery/crime writing either. For I'm not Jessica Fletcher.

I do look and listen around and then put my story together. Sometimes, they just fresh from my brain. It could be based on my birth sign, on my race, gender, material status, etc...

I do like to challenge myself, but I don't like to be challenged. It stresses me out to the breaking point. I do like to have fun, especially when it comes to writing. My attitude is this: if I win, I win. That's great. If I lose, I lose. I just dust myself off and try again. 

I do have a learning disability and ADD, so I might write a little differently than you, so you have to bare with me. I have always love to write. Even when I was a child, by scribbling in my mother's phone book(while she was working), I would imagine I'm writing. Yes, I'm left-handed, and left-handers can be talent writers as right-handers can.

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