just a chica from around the world and back

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"Hope for the best, expect the worst. The world's a stage, we're unrehearsed." - Mel Brooks

I want to travel the world. I want to see my life from someone else's perspective. I want to experience each day as if it was something new. I love reading. I never go anywhere without at least one book. I love writing. I love acting. I love coffee. I'm a passionate person. I love art. Whatever your passion is, I find it inspiring because it is the way you express yourself. The fire in your soul is beautiful no matter what it is. I love when people let their soulfires burn together because the connection that it creates between people is breathtaking. In case you can't tell, Amy Walker is my hero. If you don't know who Amy Walker is, look her up now! I believe that all people are equal. I'm no more important than you, you're no more important than me, and neither of us is any more or less important than any president or pope or prime minister. We are all just humans - nothing more and nothing less - and we all have something amazing to offer to the world if we are only willing to do so. I'm an anarchist, but I dream of a society of cooperation, NOT chaos. I'm an atheist, but I'll accept you no matter what you worship, and I'm always happy to learn about other people's religions. I just haven't found a deity that's been able to convince me personally that it's there. And one of the most important things I think you need to know about me is that I don't care if you are black or white or purple or orange; if you treat me like a human being I'll do the same for you.

Respect and Connect! 

 - Lydia

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