a 16-year-old chick from usa

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"in three words i can sum up everything iv learned about life- it goes on." -robert frost

hi I'm tori. I'm an artist, a guitarist, an idiot, funny, the Cheshire cat, and the ocean. i love sleeping with sirens and new politics and sj tucker (indie singer google her). i'm a tomboy♥ like for realz bro oh and i love animals. i am a siren, yeah %$@!^es you heard me a siren :D don't be shy feel free to ask me  stupid questions :D oh and i think you need to know that Ducks are sexy. and i answer everything with your mom or because I'm batman because im a dork and a dweeb. um mm i will go from weird unicorn to the world hates me within five minutes but in other news....
my birthday is coming up! ya!
MY UNICORN NAMED STEVE SAYS HELLO! what? unicorns cant talk (really? that's what you corrected me on?) i am obsessed with adventure time and harry potter and Percy Jackson. i love to write read and draw. never give up on anything anyone, you. Or Steve.

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