a 17-year-old chick from my shoe box bedroom, United Kingdom

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So hi, hey, sup. however you roll. I'm Sammy nice to meet you i LOVE reading, specially romance and extremely especially paranormal romance you know magic, vampires werewolves you get me i also like zombie romances! To give you an idea of how much i read i started this series called Morganville (bout vampires) and it has fifteen books in the series, i've read fourteen and waiting for fifteenth for Christmas so while i have been waiting i've finished about seven different books or series of books with at least two in the series (so far). One of them being the Mortal Instruments series! you read the books or seen the film you deserve a hug. they were amazing. waiting for next book to come out! so if you have any questions don't be afraid to ask! i'm currently single and enjoying it. year 10 is murderous life, exams need to be murdered and thrown in an endless lake. By the way i'm 14 live in sunny (rainy) England and i'm writing this at 4:30 in the morning cause i'm cool like that, jokes just a night owl. I love E4, Dave and Channel 4 so much! Top Gear rules! (bet you didn't expect that). I also love coedy, Mock the Week is my fave! But to all those who thought that she's not a typical girly girly (well i hope you are thinking this) i do adore... The Vampire Diaries! i know i'm sorry i let you down but have you seen Damon (ian somerhalder)??? FIT. 

so yeah thats me :)

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