a 24-year-old babe from Vancouver bc, Canada

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"Only time can tell." then theres "Friends are like condoms, they are there when things get hard"

So you want to know a little about me huh? You a stalker or something?..I knew it!! Well stalker I might as well help you out slightly.

I love to write, derp why else would i be on this site besides Kevin putting a gun to my head and forcing me to join or else he would kill me. Ha..ha...DONT KILL ME KEVIN!!!

By the way im slightly insane...just slightly...omfg possom!!! oh wait..that wasnt a real one that was just my hand. That was some scary crap right there. Ya..the random bus i ride that bus all the time its...oh god the possom is back... god dam it never leaves me alone!!

Ok for real though i am slightly crazy, i have to take these pills to calm me down and not do stupid stuff. Im also bipolar so its a crazy mix!

So umm i dono what else you want to know about me? I dont write alot of stories im more into writing peoms.

By the way im not emo, its just lostsoul is a nickname my grampia gave me three years ago and i use it all the time! Im to crazy and happy to be emo!

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