just a shorty from Asgard

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"Success is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration." -Thomas Edison

I am a god. I know enough magic to turn you into a flea and run you over with an invisible jet. Fan me and I will let you live.
Here are some things to know:
*I like chocolate
*My fave color is black.
*My fave food is meat.
*My fave animal is a wolf
*I LOVE killing people. You are no exception.
*I am from the first realm, the realm of Asgard.
*I'm taken, ladies.
*Oh yeah, I like music.
So, fan me and I won't kill you with my magic hammer!!!! Read my stories and I might consider fanning you. Vote on my stories and I will not burn your house down. :)
I hope you've gotten a good idea of my personality. Please fan me. OR ELSE.

I am also:
████ 40% CRAZY
█████ 50% ANGEL
███████ 70% BLACKSMITH
████████ 80% BOOKWORM
█████████ 90% NINJA
██████████ 100% WRITER

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