a 23-year-old chick from Tisdale, Canada

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"As flies to wanton boys, are we to the gods; they kill us for sport. -William Shakespeare"

Me... hmm... what can I say?

I'm myself. I'm unique. I'm random.

Describing yourself is such a daunting task because you either sound modest or like an egomaniac.

I favor anything that has anything to do with Japan. The culture, the food, the music, the television, the manga. Everything.

My writing style. Hmm. Normally if you look at anything I've ever done it's usually in first person. Though recently I've been working on one with multiple characters so it's in third person, or narrative form. I'm best at writing fantasy, otherworldly, or magestic things. I've been told I have a killer imagination and I try to use it to its full potential. Keyword: try.

I may only be fourteen but I've been told I'm very mature; and I try to live up to that title and be the best I can.

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