a 23-year-old woman from Ramsgate, Kent., United Kingdom

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"Live life who it should be lived, go out, have fun and forget everything else thats going on around you :)"

I'm a gothic lesbian who tries to get on with anyone and everyone, if you give me respect i will give it back. But please men don't think about trying to change me as i've been a lesbian since i was 9years old, I'm 17 now. I came here today to share all my poems that I've been writing since i was 13years old and to also write true stories of my life but make it sound like a fiction story as thats how I prefer to write my stories. Yes I'm very much into vampires but not into fiction stories, I always read non-fiction true stories I've got loads of books on just that genre. I read stories of Children who have had a rough life, the reason i read those is because it draws me away from my life and also whats going on around me, When I read i go into my own World which is what I love. Thank you for reading this :)

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