a 29-year-old girl from Hong Kong

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My profile... I don't want to tell people that I am an aspiring writer because I am, how do you define aspiring, I just want to write and to be heard. My goal is quite simple, if I can put myself out there then... well this is the goal of my current state. 

I am just some girl who enjoys writing alot with zero training in writing... yes I did when I was in Secondary School sitting for Certificate Exam and A levels... there was indeed a paper called writing and it was the only paper I enjoy the most. 

I mainly write in English and Chinese, Chinese less so but still do when some ideas hit me. 

I am also capable in speaking French and Italian, if you think that I should learn more languages, do tell me so, I would love to know which ones are worth learning at this point. 

Ok, see you in words. 

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