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"Time can heals every wound"

Well my friends. Im new comer here. nice to join this community. okay, I'm Kirby. I wanna increase my writing capability. I loved writing very much. that's way I decided to join this group. well my friend, the one what I expected is be your friend and add more our knowledge to be a great. and we both know it will be reached. Im kind of quite type person. heh! but just curious, I wanna increase my fellas too! I wrote down my own stories, and if you ask what kind of genre? it's like Journal of my life. I made some chapters and became it a book that's be relelased. thats lotta fun. although its a bit ridicolous, but I won't give up to reach it. You all my spirits. we can share any topics here, friends. i'd loved to be friend of you all. but usually I wrote mine in Indonesia language, because Im Indoneisan. that's weird when I was writing the one that used English/the other language. but, that's not a big problem, everytime I can translate it into English. I'll adapt yours.

Sincerely, Kirby.


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