a 17-year-old male from Orlando, Florida, United States

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"The worst things in life come free to us" -Ed Sheeran

Hey im Kyler. Im 14 and I love writing! I also love playing the violin and am open for feed back.

CURRENTLY: Well, I just started my new work book, called "My Heart, On A Platter" and I love all of your support! I also started a new book series called "Fallen Into The End" which is also getting a lot of support! You guys are really epic.

LIFE:  March has been EPIC. One of the best months of my life. I got all of this love from you guys! Thanks! I got to do a speech about bullying and suicide awareness and alot of people dont hate me now. XD I also had the best spring break ever. As well as one of my best report cards in the last two years.

ABOUT ME: Im actually quite the loner. Dont worry though, im not completely alone and im happy with my life. I am a big supporter for stopping suicide. I really like music (who doesnt?) I also love coffee! If I were in the hunger games I wouldnt win but I will kill as many people to find some coffee. I also dont get hyper. One time, I drank a frappe and slept for three hours after I drank it. XD School makes me feel like pulling out my uglea (I hope I spelt it right) and cutting it off with scissors. I dont get angry unless its about someone I truly care about. I was a vegetarian for a month. (Worst month of my life.).

MUSIC: THE NBHD, BVB, PTV, FIR, Avenged Sevenfold, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sublime, U2, Arctic Monkeys, and more!

POPULAR WORKS: My Heart, On A Platter (Peak #1)  - Fallen Into The End (Peak #2)

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