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"Surrendering to reality is tranquil suicide."

Hmm, I'm a sophomore in highschool.  I play soccer and tennis, and am a part of jazz band, pep band, marching band, concert band, forensics, and so on (I hope this explains why it takes so long to post).  I love anything that strays from or glorifies reality. 

   What I'm working on right now:

     - Artemis' Secret -  Artemis fears for her and her baby's life when Apollo - out of jealousy - deceives her into killing Orion, the father. Athena's jealous rage could not be escaped if the truth was discovered. Artemis makes a tough decision, to give up her child to live among humans. It seemed the right thing to do, keeping her out from under the nose of vengeful Athena and her father, Zeus. But when Otus and Ephialtes are discovered alive and still seeking revenge, Celestia might be their best bet to save the life she could have had.

- Frayed - Not really sure where it's going but people seem to like it.  Message me if you have any ideas!

Journal-Style Pieces To Build Off Of:

- Distance -

- Dearest -

Please do check out my work, and be sure to leave feedback and ratings!  :)



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