a girl from Nova Scotia, Canada

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"Why do you always get to be the bunny?"

Who is Kris Kelly?

Well let's see, that's a difficult question to answer, as I don't think I have completely figured that out yet myself.  I can say that I am a mother of two.  A very artistic one and busy two.  I am living in sin with my common-law husband of 9 years in Nova Scotia, Canada and have most of my life.  I am the oldest of an extended family with seven children.  My family is too confusing to go into presently and as this is about me and not them I will not mention them again.   

I love to read.  I don’t read anything important mind you.  No Hemmingway or… well I can’t think of any other important authors right now but I know there are lots of them out there dead and rolling over in graves because I can’t remember their names.  I love to read books for fun, by all sorts of people, J.K. Rowlings. Janet Evonovitch, Katie Mckalistar, and all kinds of others.

I have always had a hard time deciding what to do with my life.  And as it is moving on whether I make a decision or not I thought I might take an aptitude test.  Well that test, taken twice to confirm the results, said I should consider writing.  So I though, that might be fun, and I started writing.  Children’s stories at first, then I started trying grown up stories.  I’m a newby at this writing thing and haven’t finished anything yet, but I’m still trying.  I stumbled upon this site and here I am.

That’s my story so far and I’m sticking to it.  I think.

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