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"Heroes get remembered but legends never die."

That chica on the right is Katrina. She is great, you can say she is almost ah-mazing. She is nice and loves unicorns. She also likes comments. So (i think that is a big enough hint) maybe you should stop by and say hi. She is a "noob" at writing. I think she likes popcorn. She also has a facebook && a myspace so maybe you should try and stop by and say hi. She loves Protagonize and you too. She likes waffles and cookiez. She has a jabbawockiez as a pet. She may be a bit hyper but she loves everyone:). She tries to read every book in the world. She loves to make people smile, so maybe you should critique her works to make her happy. She also likes to draw. She has an amazing family and she is super confident. She has an associated content profile (sooo maybe you should check it out). She likes her life and laughs everyday (maybe you should to). She does not like twitter because why write up to 160 words when you can write more. She loves Pixar movies and birfdays. She is very down to earth and is great at advice. Welcome to kmxx's profile where you can do whatever you want, just don't get crazy.

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