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I'm Kasey. Hi

i'm 17.

i'm always laughing

i have played piano since before i knew how to read.

i play viola too i guess.

I think that people with disabilities including special ed. people are some of the sincerest and amazing people ever!!!

I love working at an ice cream shop

I'm exactly 5'2'' and a quarter

I hate change

I like eating just the marshmallows out of lucky charms

I love making root beer floats

I have alot of random stories that i get excited to tell but aren't very interesting

I think Ellen DeGeneres is awesome

I'm the person who covers there eyes for any scary movie even if it's not very scary such as harry potter when i was like 10

I have alot of faith in God

I apparently get really into school and have dreams about risking my life to save my ap text books

I like stalking the kidpub website

I hate doing nothing

I love getting to see my family and our parties get wild especially when mini sausages are involved

My friends are amazing

I guess i write alot?? Haha

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