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" When words fail, music speaks."

Hey people, My name is Kat. I am new to this website and just want to get some feed back on the story I am writing. Thank yo for clicking on my profile. I hope you like what i put on here. My boyfriend encouraged me to put it up. He has a protagonize as well :) you should read his stuff. His user name is DarkFluoresce. He has an awesome story and amazing poems. But anyway, I am a graphic design major. Currently going to college and getting a degree in that. I love drawing and creating new things. So writing is really different for me XD As i said before my boyfriend Cameron encouraged me to get a protagonize. He is amazing person and i love him to pieces. :) In my profile pic is a picture of Cameron and I.

I am huge christian. I always consult God before I do anything. I would be happy to tell you some of the experiences I have with that. I love helping people and giving advice. Music and art are my passions. I already have a minor in music education and you already know about my graphic design major. Music is in my blood. It was my first love and always will be. I love playing games and hanging out with my friends. If anyone wants to ask me anything please feel free to do so. If you wouldn't mind putting some feedback on the things I write,  it would help me a lot. Anyway, that's all I have and I hope you have a blessed day.

Recently I have agreed to do a collabortive piece with DarkFluorecse and Tenshi. It is a fantasy novel that has three different character paths to follow. I hope you all like it. Here is a link to it :)

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