a 23-year-old female from Ohio, United States

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"Love all, Trust a few, Do wrong to none."

Hello, Thanks for visiting my page!

I just like writing for fun. When I am in the mood to write something, I write. When I was  twelve or thirteen I had a journal called Through My Eyes: A Journal For Teens. I enjoyed writing and answering the questions inside of it. Around the same time or younger me and my older sister and friends would write plays or stories about marriage, Drama and a lot of other topics. Sometimes we would put our  favorite members from music groups in them with ourselves and others as well. Then after we were done writing we would read them to each other. I enjoyed writing with them and then sharing them with eachother. Ever since then I have been into writing. On August 7th 2011 I bought another journal, except this one didn't have questions in it.  I don't share as much as I use to but every now and then I post/publish something I write. 

English is my second favorite subject in school, so writing in class is fun for me. Even though I write just for fun, positive or negative feedback on here would be very much appreciated :) I write Poetry, Plays, Stories and Lyrics .

Want to know more about me? 

My favorite colors are blue, black, and purple. I play acoustic guitar. I have an interest in History, Travel, Law, Electronics, Reading, Childcare, Sports, Music, Drawling, Photography, Writing, Instruments, Social Networking, God, Quotes, Fashion, Foreign Languages, Art, Etc.


Thanks again, have a great day :) 





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