a 22-year-old girl from the United States

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Hi! I'm an aspiring writer and want to be a writer as soon as I can, which might mean pretty soon! I alos like singing because you can get allot of your feelings out when you do. I love video games; my favorite games are the kingdom hearts series; psychonauts; guitar hero world tour; the sims video games; and allot more... :)

I hang out with some pretty crazy people, which is pretty good, cause it inspires me to write more! ^ ^...... some of my friends have dirty minds, so every day, there are at LEAST 10 dirty jokes. It's an everyday thing, and I have to be careful with what I say around some of them....

I can also be pretty random...

=^-^= MEOW! IMA KITTY! ^ ^ WOOT!

Hope you guys like my writing!


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