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"Fairy tales do not tell children that dragons exist. Children already know dragons exist. Fairy tales tell children that dragons can be killed. ~ G.K. Chesterson"

We interrupt this web search to give you pointless information about some random author on this forum.

Growing up in a small town does things to you. Watching Criminal Minds every night before going to bed sure doesn't help, either. The Office can help, though. (Dwight fan all the way.)

I am an addict of Ted Dekker. I always have to read his works twice, though. The first time, to grasp the concept of the plot. The second time, to really understand it. I enjoy the heebie-jeebie, heat-quickening feeling after finishing a truly thrilling book.

Heights terrify me. I can only go up to the second step on a ladder before becoming dizzy. I also hate going down stairs. Going up them doesn't bother me, but going down.... *shudder*

I consider "gore" the one of the worst problems in movies and books, second to only random make-out scenes.

Also, I must say, please give me feedback, even if it is negative. After all, I would rather be told I suck and then fix it, then go on with my life believing that I am average and never progressing or moving forward. thanks!

~ keys

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