a 46-year-old girl from Truro, Cornwall, United Kingdom

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"We all float down here, we no need no steenkin batches, tomorrow is another day...."

I'm currently about halfway through my degree, English Lit with Creative Writing. I'm loving it and learning so much about how literature is constructed, I always thought it would help my writing but never dreamed by so much - I would urge anyone to - no matter of age and background.

Ive been published online and have done a lot of copywriting for web projects but really want to write as a profession, preferably fiction, I love Stephen King but my taste is pretty diverse, I used to think I wanted to write nothing but horror but am no longer sure if that's my bag, no matter how much I want it to be.

Feedback wise, had some good from the BBC after got to the last round in a competition and from a good literacy agent - that was years ago and I got kinda distracted with family stuff and IT in the meantime. As much as I love IT, writing is my passion and it's about time I did something about it!!

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