a 23-year-old babe from Mississauga, ON, Canada

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"From a song which inspires me to live my life to the fullest... "Give me these moments back...Give them back to me...Give me that little kiss...Give me your hand..." -Kate Bush"

Hi there! My name's Kayla. I love writing, though I'm not very good at it XD I also love making silly smiley faces--> ^_^ I swim on a competetive team in Milton, called the Milton Marlin Swim Team and our colours are lime green and dark purple! I'm in the 11th grade as of September, and I'm really excited! I like trying lots of different foods, like going to Villa Madina (though I probably spelled that wrong) Mancho Wok.....Burger King ^_^ I've got blue eyes and blonde curly hair, and I'm 5.10! I love to read books of all different shapes and sizes. Some of my favourites are It, Nobody's Princess, House of Night Series, Bourne Series, Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter and the Twilight Saga! I watch several shows, like Supernatural, Bones, True Blood and Durham County! 
I LOVE RYAN REYNOLDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And that's about it ;) Thanks for spending the time reading my profile!!  

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