a 19-year-old female from nottingham, United Kingdom

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Hi, i'm Katie Powdrill, i'm 12 years old and i'm from nottingham. my birthdays in june.

I'm really interested in writing storys, songs, tunes and comming up with ideas for movies, programs, music videos etc. i know it sounds a bit weard but sometimes, i'm out walking when i think 'hey, thats a great idea!'- and would make a pretty dam good movie/book/song or whatever!

but it dosn't come to me straight away, i could sit there for hours on end and would still have nothing. it has to come naturally otherwise, it wont be as good. i would say don't think about it too much cause it will do you no good! it has to come from the heart!:)

so if i write a book/song/script and you like it, then please do email me and tell me what you think!:) it would be nice to have an opinion. and if there is anyone out there who would be intrested in publishing it, please say soo!:)

many thanks!:)  Katie Powdrill (KP):)

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