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"You fail only if you stop writing." Ray Bradbury

At first I thought writing was just a mirage, an illusion that can never be attained by my own power. Yet I stood vigorous and unashamed, letting the words be the greatest armor I possess.

I once stood under the shade of mere darkness. Sometimes I find myself as a lanky, shy, and worthless creature. Yet as the days pass by, I believe that God had tapped a new spark of talent that illumined the empty chamber of my heart. Most of the authors knew writing is a talent and that it should be molded. I indeed had distinctive skills which were endowed by God but then I found writing as a unique hobby.

I had already crossed countless problems and constant dilemmas that shattered the fluctuating course of my life. Since I’m a Filipino, most of the people thought dealing with Asians is a ludicrous act. However, please try to consider Philippines as one of the best English literates in Asia. Anyway, as a youth, I had dreamed to be an author someday (as most of the writers would do). Not for the fame and wealth but to entertain a whole bunch of humanity and produce a fruit of labor and hard work.

“This is my quest, to follow that star.

No matter how hopeless, no matter how far.”

Dreaming of my future helps me navigate my way across the tricky-treck labyrinth of my life. Someday, I’ll congratulate myself for I had crossed the impervious barriers of illusion.

Haha, sorry if it’s too dramatic. I was just trying to make a feature story. Anyway, I’m kind of a friendly guy! Never considered any ethnicities, gender, age, and personality, whatsoever. If you wanna be one of my pals, then you can count on me! 

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