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"We're all given a little spark of madness. We musn't lose it." - Robin Williams

Hey there! Welcome to my page! I'm just like you guys, a dude who loves to write. I've written stories, plays, poetry, you name it. 

My Plays

I'm best at writing buddy comedies, or feel-good plots. I haven't tried any big dramas or emotional pieces, just little feel-good blurbs for when i'm feeling down and out. I mostly write plays that are about my life. (i.e. there's a new girl at school. Let's win her over!) I wrote a full musical about my freshman year of school. I can't share it, though, because it has personal information and names of friends that i don't want to let out. I also write myself into most of my plays, whether it's the main character, or a quick cameo, because (like I said) most of my plays are about my life, or things I want to happen to me. I also reuse alot of character names in my stories so it's like I have an MCU expanded universe type thing going on. 

My Stories & Novels

I've only ever written one full novel and it was horrible. I also have a horrible habit of starting projects but never finishing them. The fact that I finished my musical was a craaaaaazy accomplishment for me, though i'd never perform it anywhere because the music sucks and so does the plot. ANYWAYS - my latest novel is based off a book my friend started writing in fifth grade. He wrote us all into it with fake names and such, but he never finished it. So, as a kind of surprise birthday present, i made it into an actual book with a better thought out plot and better characters. 

My Poetry

I like poetry quite a bit, although I haven't written much of it. I've written a few sonnets and a few test poems, but I don't think i'd ever publish them. I'm still working on my rhyming skills to be quite honest. 


I greatly appreciate you taking the time to check out my stuff. I'm incredibly open to criticism and giving criticism, so go crazy. If you have an idea or a suggestion it would be incredibly appreciated.  K, thanks. Bye. 

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