just a diva from The next galaxy to the right

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"You forget I’m a goddess. Your goddess. And a %&$** as well. But then, weren’t all goddesses afflicted with #^!!*ery?” ― from Kresley Cole's , Lothaire

About myself?

You must be bored. Well, I will save you from yourself (and me from sleeping on the keyboard) and make this painlessly quick. I'm a small little nobody in a very large city, who gets happy jollies from harmlessly re-imagining the world is swarming with hot people doing steamy stuff to each other.

Simple right? As for hobbies: I read a lot, buy tacky junk, misspell everything, rot my brain with cheesy music, anime and a steady supply of RPG video games. Then just for kicks I stuff my home baked goods in peoples mouths (not one word out of you about stuffing muffins m'kay)?

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