a girl from a beach on an island, United States

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"Be uncomfortable" "Prove all of those motherf*ckers wrong" "Why reach for the sky when people have landed on the moon"

I won't call myself a good writer, because I am not. I don't write often and when I do get that burst of energy to start writing it only lasts for a while. As if I am smoking a joint for the first time and try to chase that high for awhile. But then everyone tells you that you are addicted and tell you to stop. This little monster that gets in the way is my laziness. I do put my schoolwork as my first priority, so I don't have time for all of the little hobbies that I have.

I'm that shy, quiet girl in the back of the room. At least that's what everyone thinks I am. I simply don't talk because I'm scared of the words that will come out of my mouth. When I was younger I didn't really hold my tongue and I would just say anything. So before I speak I need time to think. I can't speak to a crowd without having to practice for a long time.

Right now I am just rambling. I just wanted to see how much I can type. 

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