a 25-year-old from Bolton (Manchester area), United Kingdom

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"Next time you think you are perfect, try walking on water"

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Ever since a young age I have enjoyed a keen interest in reading and writing. I study English Literature, Classical Civillisation, Law and History, which of course require pristene liguistic knowledge. I enjoy writing debates and I am an active member of the debating team at Canon Slade Sixth Form College in Bolton.

I have read a heap of novels, poems, essays and religious books throughout my years of reading such as the Bible, The Qur'an, Shakespeare and Stephen King being my favourite author, it comes to no suprise that I have enjoyed a large selection of his thrilling books; The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon being my favourite up to now.

Of course, as opposed to authors I admire, there are also authors which I have a particular dislike of; J.K Roiwling and her Harry Potter series for example. Her stories never actually caught on to me as they did with other children when they were dispensed in the book stores (and there would be hundreds of children queing outside of WH Smiths at about four-O-clock in the morning.

That would be something I would never do and it is to my opinion that the writing styles of old classical novels such as; The Monte Of Monte Cristo, Treasure Island, Oliver Twist, Pride and Prejudice (or First Impressions) and Les Miserables, will never be beaten as they are much more entertaining for everyone, rather than your modernised Danielle Steel for example.

Reading this now you will probably be wondering why I enjoy reading Stephen King books, as he is modern and his writings are certainly not suitable for all ages, and there is an answer to this; i am fascinated at how he can involve the reader so deeply and realisticly in his books and sometimes even terrify one. The climaxes which create masses of tension often spins the reader and then there is a relaxation as everything is not quite what it seems....

I shall dearly hope that you enjoy what i write, and I wish to make it clear that f you leave messeges on my profile, please ensure that they are aimed at suggestions of writing, ideas, comments and praise! Thank you.


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