a 30-year-old dudette from Lafayette, LA, United States

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what should I write in this bio area? there are so many options: I could tell you about my past, and how strongly that's affected my present and future. I could go into detail about what I had in mind for this journal when I created it. other things I could mention are my various fandoms and interests or other places you can find me on the internet. I could even say something snarky about how a little bio isn't enough to truly describe me.

and whichever option(s) I choose would tell the Reader something even more about mySelf -- that I'm very much interested in my studies, my romantic partner, or a certain band. the grammar I'd use would also leak out some information -- perhaps I'm aware of grammatical rule, or maybe I don't care much about them. my word choice and how I spell some of them may assist in determining my location in the world.

but I think the bio that best "summaries" Me is the one above. from it, the Reader may have learned that I often "over-think" things; the Reader may have additionally deduced that I especially "over-think" things that require no "deep thought" or analysation -- such as emotions or trifling issues. the Reader is possibly aware that I tend to be verbose, and that I prefer not to give direct answers, but instead speak metaphorically.

...or perhaps you, the Reader, have learned nothing at all.

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