a 22-year-old chica from Massachusetts, U.S.

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"Don't compromise, even if it hurts to be yourself." - Toby Keith

I'm weird.

Now that that's out in the open, hello. :)  I'm a high school sophomore - and hating it - who is very much looking forward to college.  I'm both a writer and an equestrian - I've been published in national collaborative poetry books, am an author on, a fiction freelance writer for several small-time publishing magazines, and show competitively in show-jumping. :)  I love to death my favorite pencil and "my" horse, a 29-year-old American Saddlebred gelding named Abbott, whom shows with me in dressage and eq. on the flat due to a bad hip.

So... I'm in love with music, film, and photography as well as writing.  I love country music - Toby Keith is the man! - and I'm a sucker for 1970s slasher films and B horror movies (like the ones you find on FEARnet).  My favorite is a tie between the 2007 remake of Halloween and the 2009 remake of Friday The 13th (which, by the way, was my first introduction to my future husband, Jared Padalecki. ;)  Haha.).  I'm also sort-of-not-really an ameatur photographer, and would love to get a better and more professional camera but for now am happy with my few point-and-shoot masterpieces. :)

That'd be me.  Don't be afraid to drop me a line sometime!  I don't bite! (and therefor am NOT Bella Swan!  Just to make that clear.)

                                 My Current Playlist:

American Ride - Toby Keith

The Best Thing - Relient K

Cryin' For Me (Wayman's Song) - Toby Keith

Cowboy Casanova - Carrie Underwood

God Love Her - Toby Keith

Hello Seattle - Owl City

Honkytonk Badonkadonk - Trace Adkins

Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds - The Beatles

Marry For Money - Trace Adkins

White Horse - Taylor Swift

Yellow Submarine - The Beatles

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